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A PC hacker has deemed himself more important than the evolution to conclusion of these web pages. Because illustrative images are a hallmark of this web file, unscanned items gathered five decades ago are passed to a young generation to someday share with a future one. This site is a testament to collaboration: Thank you to contributors! Best wishes to Allum descendants. Go get the 1940 census! --DeeAnna, February 19, 2012

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Research 1956-2006 by Shirley Allum Hudlicky ~ Research 1964-2012 by DeeAnna Allum Granston

Data and Photo Contributions by Named Researchers and Interested Descendants

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WELCOME to the ALLUM web site! Browse research over five decades with explanatory documents and treasured photographs.

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Data, photos, documents and memorabilia pertaining to additional lines of descent from William Allum are offline -- but not computerized or scanned.

The location of William Allum before he appeared in the 1790 census in Washington County, PENNSYLVANIA was Harford County, MARYLAND.
Click the link below titled Pedigree Chart of William Allum 1st of Maryland and Pennsylvania for an introduction to this web site and to read specifically about William.

Because a westward migration after the Civil War beckoned some of our ancestors from Washington and Greene counties, PA to Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas, Missouri, Montana--even to California--census citations within these pages capture their locations and relocations at ten-year intervals through the most recently-released 1930 Federal census.
(A goal is to document each Allum for each census year.)

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Our gratitude shall always be to SHIRLEY ALLUM HUDLICKY (1917- 2006) who already in 1956 was seeking our heritage.

Shirley's insights and anecdotes appear within the pages that follow.

Respectfully acknowledge this site -- ALLUM: Maryland and Pennsylvania...Westward and/or -- when it is helpful to your own endeavor

(The first and basic ALLUM web site was posted in 1997. This detailed one was launched in 2006 and has been updated regularly since.)

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